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When You’re Looking To Get Away From It All

Sometimes a person just needs to get away. Life in the city has its stresses and strains which just come from being there. The constant sound of traffic, the rumble of the subway and the crowded sidewalks can get to a person.

Getting away to the state with the second smallest population in the U.S. begins to sound like a good idea.


Is a town in New England in the north eastern corner of the U.S.A. It is famous for maple syrup and Ben and Jerry’s, the Von Trapp family. It has one cow for every 3.8 residents and so produces great cheese as well as ice cream.

The climate soil and water also make Vermont the place to make beer and cider; lots of small artisan breweries have opened up for that very reason. Bottom line? You’ll find vacation rentals wilmington vt to be the perfect getaway place.

Winter in Vermont

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Vermont has very cold winters and its northern latitude guarantees (almost) snowfall and associated winter sports. Even in the south of Vermont there is often a month or more of days with snowfall, and the higher mountains can get over 20 feet of snow in the winter.

Vermont in Summer

In the summer temperatures can rise into the 80s which opens the door to easy summer hiking, lakeside living, camping all in relative peace and quiet, especially off the beaten track. If you don’t want to get too hot and still be active Vermont is worth a look.


The lovely thing about Vermont is that even in 1 in 10 jobs is dependent on the tourist industry the state size means you can still come at the height of the season and get away from it all.