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Take A Sunset Cruise To Really Chill Out!

You’ve had a busy day with all of that relaxing you have been doing. Why not finish the day by taking a sunset cruise?

Get in the mood for some real romance as the sun goes down and you get to see a moonlight sky where the stars are bright and the light pollution is non-existent.

Oahu from a different point of view

Oahu is a gorgeous island and one of the loveliest ways to see it is a sunset cruise kailua kona hi. From November through March we are lucky enough to be on the route of the humpback whale, which also coincides with some of the lower numbers of tourists.

But even at other times, there’s nothing quite like watching the sun go down gently rocking on the water.

More than Sunsets

Companies who provide these types of cruise are also open for private events. If you decided to get married in our Hawaiian paradise, arranging the ‘rehearsal dinner’ at sea could be a beautiful way to make the occasion in a relaxed but different way.

Deep Sea Fishing

Hawaii looks to the sea for a lot of its economic life. The same is true of the companies with charter fishing. We know where the fishing grounds are and we would love to take you there. Air- conditioned boats give you a break from the sun. Food and drink onboard enhance the party atmosphere.

We provide all the equipment you need, so there is no need to bring anything other than yourself and some sunscreen. Make sure it is eco-friendly – protecting the seas is one of our primary concerns.

sunset cruise kailua kona hi

Get out on the water

The sea is part of our life and heritage in Hawaii, come, share it with us.